AM Orchids-Vandas, Asocendas, Orchid Species, Cattleyas, Dedrobiums





Cattleyas for Gifts and Arrangements

Cattleyas produce some of the most beautiful and showy flowers that come in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. Most are delightfully fragrant and many varieties will bloom 2 to 3 times per year.  

Blc. Chunyeah "Good Life" AM/AOS  Pot. Haw Yuan Gold "Yung Kang #2" FCC/RHS  Blc. Tainan Gold "Golden Oriole" AM/AOS 
Blc. Chunyeah "Good Life" AM/AOS
Season: Summer, Fall
Pot. Haw Yuan Gold "Yung Kang #2" FCC/RHS
Season: Irregular
Blc. Tainan Gold "Golden Oriole" AM/AOS
Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

Blc. Greenwich "Elmhurst" AM/AOS
Blc. Greenwich "Elmhurst" AM/AOS
Season: Summer, Fall

Pinks & Lavenders

Blc. Mahina Yahiro "Ulii"   Blc. Pamela Finney "Calf"  
Blc. Mahina Yahiro "Uli"
Season: Spring
Blc. Pamela Finney "Calf"
Season: Spring, Winter

Reds & Oranges
Blc. Chia Lin "New City" AM/AOS  Lc. Tainan City "General"  
Blc. Chia Lin "New City" AM/AOS
Season: Spring, Winter
Lc. Tainan City "General"
Season: Spring, Winter

Lc. Longriver Compton "Golden Star" FCC/AOS  Lc. Orglade's Grand "Tian Mu"
Lc. Longriver Compton "Golden Star" FCC/AOS
Season: Spring, Fall
Lc. Orglade's Grand "Tian Mu"
Season: Spring





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