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 Vanda Alliance  

Combo Shipping

For multiple items, shipping rates are based on distance traveled and dimensional weight (box size) as opposed to actual weight due to the larger size of vandas and some of our other orchids. The more plants that can fit into a single box the greater the savings.

Please call (305) 944-3275 or email  your multiple plant order along with your zip code for shipping charges and we'll send an updated invoice.

vanda tessellata x wilas        
vanda tessellata x wilas
Vanda Xena        
Vanda Xena 
Vanda Paksorn Fragranc        
V. Rinka (hybrids)
(V tessellata x V Wirat)

Blooming in various shades of grape and fuchsia
with heavy substance.
Mildly fragrant.


V. Xena (hybrids)
(v tessellata x Mem. Thianchai)

Blooming in shades of yellow to deep orange.
Some are spoted. Very fragrant flowers on tall spikes.


Pda. Paksorn Fragrance
(V insignis x Mimi Palmer)

This mericlone is producing very fragrant, mahogany spotted flowers with large, bright pink lips.


Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'        
Vasco Roll on Red 'Ember'        
Vasco Roll on Red 'Ember'  Vandachostylis Viboon Velet x Vanda Wilas Vandacosylis Viboon Velvet x Vanda Wilas
Van. Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'

This compact grower produces blue flowers on white backgrounds. Flowers are fragrant.

Most plants have one or more keikis and all are blooming size.


Van. Roll on Red 'Ember'

This mericlone produces cherry red flowers with faint spotting, yellow lobes and darker lips. Fragrant.



Van.  Viboon Velvet x V. Wilas

Blooming in a wide range of colors from to pink to deep orange. One has even bloomed in a two tone white and lavendar. Nice form and shape.